MYSTORY Summit: Born to make an impact

20 March 2019


MYSTORY Summit: Born to make an impact 

200 South Auckland Pacific youth are expected to attend with their families.

Date: Friday 21 to Saturday 22 June, 2019 

Event Type: Two Day Summit and Summit Network Event/Dinner 

Venue: Holiday Inn, Ascot Avenue, Mangere, Auckland 

Keynote Speakers           

1) Judge Andrew Becroft, Children’s Commissioner
Presentation Topic: What is the New Zealand doing for Pasifika Youth today, what do they need and how can we help them succeed? 

2) Marshall Ganz, Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Organizing, and Civil Society at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University
Presentation Topic: Personal and Public Narrative as a Call to Action 

3) Invitation to Government Minister to speak at Dinner Summit 

4) Invitation to Government Minister to speak at Day Two Summit


The focus of the summit to be hosted by SouthSeas Healthcare is on the MYSTORY project. MYSTORY is a youth focussed workshop programme that includes an internship component, for Pasifika youth in South Auckland. MYSTORY itself is a half day workshop where young people share their personal story (Story of Self), and gain an understanding about the shared connection between their story, other young people and everyone they interact with (Story of Us) and how this story creates a collective narrative, helping them realise that their story is part of a bigger Pasifika story in South Auckland, New Zealand. The third component of the MYSTORY project is the call to action created by the young person’s story to create solutions to the challenges the young person and their peers now face, including the decision-making process. This may include creating solutions to local issues of youth unemployment, suicide prevention or creating a community food pantry.

The MYSTORY project came out of a community conversation two years ago and has since been developed by young people in the South Auckland community. This year will mark two years since the inception of the project, through which South Seas Healthcare will be hosting a two-day summit. The summit, to be held in June, will be focussed on the theme of; “MYSTORY Summit: Born to make an impact”


The MYSTORY project, as mentioned, includes an internship programme. It is an academic, vocational and personal development programme for Pasifika youth in South Auckland that is practical and dedicated to bridging the gap between career experience, skills development needed for young people in today’s workforce, achievable milestones (e.g. filling their basket with the right skills and information; drivers licence, Identification to apply for tertiary study, CV and reference letters to name a few), community providers and their families and schools.

The fundamental components of the MYSTORY Internship programme are a community collaborative development. This means that providing the opportunities for Pasifika young people in the internship to thrive and succeed require a collaboration of individuals and providers in the community to not only contribute to the design of the internship modules but also their implementation.

The MYSTORY Internship programme allows for a group of Pasifika youth from South Auckland to engage in structured education-focussed activities that allow and encourage parental and familial involvement with the opportunity to be included in skills and personal development workshops where every form of engagement with mentors, guest facilitators, training, learning and opportunity to try something new. It is a powerful learning experience that the young person can then use to serve their peers and families, which in turn helps the young person develop a sense of civic responsibility, stronger interpersonal skills and an increased sense of self-efficacy.

A key opportunity to apply these learning experiences and new skills will be at the MYSTORY Youth Summit in June, 2019.

Summit Theme

The summit is an extension of the MYSTORY Project, designed to bring the community together to share existing and newly created solutions. The MYSTORY Summit theme “Born to Make an Impact” was designed by two young Pasifika students from South Auckland. The theme has a dual meaning; firstly, that every young person was born with purpose, implying that everyone has a pathway meant for them to succeed and do well. The second meaning of the theme is that every unique individual in the Pasifika youth community was born to create a difference with and for their community and loved ones – it is an active sense of why a young person was born – to make an impact.

Summit Breakout Streams

The structure and delivery of the Summit will be designed in partnership with a group of Pasifika youth, who will be proactively involved in the build-up and the Summit itself. As part of the pre-Summit engagement, South Seas Healthcare attended the ASB Polyfest Event in Manukau. The breakout streams at the Summit will be created based on the survey responses from Polyfest. We intended to survey over 1000 Pasifika youth to assist us in designing what are the top four challenges for Pasifika youth that require solutions. The summit will be fuelled by the solutions young people have created. 

We will be working to ensure the whole summit is youth informed and delivered. With a solution focussed approach, the four top challenges identified through the Polyfest survey will become the identified streams at the upcoming summit and shape the summit itself. 

It is intended that the summit not be an isolated event, but rather that there will be planned follow up activities to ensure that summit participants and MYSTORY project participants remain engaged in community-based initiatives that were established and strengthened from attendance and engagement at the summit.


Through the MYSTORY programme, it is intended that young people will be able to identify a positive development in one or more of the following areas;

1. RESPECT = Understand the complexity human behaviour

2. UNDERSTANDING =Build and develop listening skills, respecting others views

3. LEADERSHIP = co-lead a MYSTORY workshop and lead a call to action at the Youth Summit and leading by example

4. RELATIONSHIP = serving developing relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds

5. LISTENING = Understanding the value of their own stories and how to respond to stories shared

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