Is the clinic open on Saturday?

Yes, South Seas clinic is open Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Does the clinic have parking?

Yes, there is free parking at our clinic as part of the Otara Mall.

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Enrolment and Fees

What is enrolling?

You don’t have to enrol, but enrolling means you pay a lower upfront fee than as a casual patient. To enrol, all you need to do is complete an enrolment form and show proof of identity (such as your passport) so that we can check your eligibility for publicly funded health services. When you enrol, your health information is held by us. To ensure you get the best possible health care, we may send some of your health information to other health professionals who are directly involved in your health care.

Do I have to pay for my clinic appointment on the day?

Payment is expected at the time of your appointment. We accept payment by cash, Eftpos, credit card or online banking. If you are worried that you can’t pay your fee, please tell us before your appointment. We will speak to you privately about options that may be available to you. First and foremost our priority is your health and well-being.

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What is a WINZ Certificate from my Doctor?

If you are apply for or receive financial assistance from Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ), you may be required to provide a medical certificate to WINZ. These are documents containing health and/or disability related information about a person, and are legal documents. Your Doctor at South Seas can provide the necessary paperwork for you to comply with WINZ. This may be for:

  •         Work Capacity Medical Certificate
  •         Disability Certificate (for disability allowance)
  •         Disability Certificate - Counselling
  •         Disability Allowance - Medical Alarm Assessment
  •         Supported Living Payment medical certificate for a person being cared for
  •         Child Disability Allowance - Medical Certificate
  •         You may also be asked to provide a Host Doctor Report or medical information to support an application for PATHS.

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Can my Doctor give me a WINZ Certificate?

Yes, your Doctor at South Seas can provide the necessary paperwork for you to comply with WINZ. 

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Rheumatic Fever

What is Rheumatic fever?

Rheumatic fever is a serious but preventable disease that can damage the heart, and it starts with a type of sore throat called a strep throat. It is a completely preventable disease that affects some people following an infection of the throat with a bacteria called Group A Strepococcus (Strep Throat). If left untreated the infection can lead to an autoimmune response within the body that may permanently damage the heart through the development of Rheumatic heart disease (RHD).

What is RHD?

RHD stands for Rheumatic Heart Disease. It is an autoimmune response within the body, that is caused by an untreated infection of the throat with a bacteria called Group A Strepococcus (Strep Throat). RHD may permanently damage the heart.

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