We provide a wide range of community and social services for the entire family, serving our communities in South Auckland. At South Seas we aim to provide you with an affordable, caring and responsive approach to our services in a culturally appropriate environment, to ensure excellent health and well-being for everyone.

We value respect, honouring the dignity of our patients, families, communities and staff, ensuring that Pacific values including spirituality are inherent in our procedures. Family is at the heart of all Pacific communities, and we value collaboration, working with Pacific families, communities and other service providers to support Pacific people to lead healthier lifestyles. We value integrity, and provide quality health and social services to exceed expectations, committing ourselves to serving your needs

Navigating Pacific Wellness Service

The Navigating Pacific Wellness Service aims to support Pacific families to live healthily and independently. Our Pacific health navigators to work with Pacific people in the community to help navigate families to be confident and resourceful in their health and well-being.

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Pasifika Ola Lelei Service

The Pasifika Ola Lelei Service aims to empower positive change within family and community, by addressing social influences that cause addictive behaviours such as gambling misuse amongst our Pasifika communities.

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Resilient Young People Service

The Resilient Young People Programme aims to increase levels of physical activity and improve nutrition in our youth. This unique service allows our team to understand the needs of the patient, building a rapport with them, trust and collaboratively working on a care plan that is suitable and acceptable.

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Rheumatic Fever Education

Rheumatic fever is completely preventable, and it starts with a sore throat. The Rheumatic fever education service puts a range of small community innovations into practice to raise awareness of Rheumatic fever and help to prevent it.

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Well Child Service

Well Child is a free health service available to all children living in NZ from birth to 4 years old. There are eight core home visits for children over four years, completing a full child assessment each time. Additional visits may be provided, when identifying needs in smoking mums, failure to grow and gain weight, breastfeeding issues, safe sleep and sudi.

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Whanau Ora Service

The Whanau Ora Service supports Pacific families to reach their full potential to succeed in education, health, be economically independent, have a sense of belonging and contribute positively to their communities. Whanau Ora is an inclusive approach to providing services and opportunities to families.

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Our professional, friendly clinic staff are passionate about engaging with our community and taking care of all your health needs, with a strong commitment to prevention, diagnosis, cure and care. Our staff come from a range of backgrounds and speak a variety of languages including English, Samoan, Tongan, Tuvaluan and Cook Islands Maori. We will do our best to help interpret if English is a second language. The more notice we have, the easier it is for us to provide an interpreter / translator where possible.

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Tapuaki - pregnancy education for Pasifika women

Tapuaki is a new pregnancy education programme for Pacific women. Talanoa-style sessions are available at Otara, Mangere and Manurewa, with helpful information available for expectant mums and dads, and for members of the whole family.

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