Fuifui Aumaivao Tasi-Apoua

Fuifui Aumaivao Tasi-Apoua

Community Nurse Assistant

Languages: English, Samoan

Fuifui Aumaivao Tasi-Apoua has been a Community Nurse Assistant for Well Child Services at SouthSeas Healthcare since July 2015. Fuifui’s role is to assist the Well Child Services Nurses team with home visits to register new babies, encouraging and educating mothers concerning breastfeeding and lactation, safe sleep practises, and risk prevention of sudden unexpected deaths of infants. She also works in raising awareness of the risks of exposing of children at home to second-hand smoke, parenting support, how to keep a child safe, what to do in emergencies, identifying and reporting any social needs or dangers that may affect children and families, and submitting referrals to get support as soon as possible.
Fuifui has a variety of skills and experiences gained from her previous employment background as a General Nursing and Obstetric Reregistered Nurse in Samoa since 1977. Her family migrated to New Zealand and obtained residency in September 1987. Since then, Fuifui has been working as an Enrol Nurse in different areas of Health Care. She was employed  fulltime by Acorn Nursing Bureau for over 15 years where she worked with geriatric, dementia and Alzheimer patients, accessing private and public hospitals to work in different areas of Medical, Surgical, Maternity and Paediatric care.
Prior to working for SouthSeas Healthcare, Fuifui was employed fulltime at the Otara Community for Non-Government Organisation services under the umbrella of New Zealand Federation Family Budgeting Services for 10 years.  Fuifui also studied for a Certificate for Community Health Worker at Manukau Institute of Technology.


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