Fonofili Sa’e-Parkinson

Fonofili Sa’e-Parkinson

Team Leader, Well Child Nursing

Languages: English, Samoan

Fonofili Sa’e-Parkinson is the Well Child Nurse Team Leader for South Seas Healthcare. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience having been nursing for more than 43 years, mainly in community nursing roles. She is a RGON, Midwife, Community Health Nurse, and now an NZ Registered Nurse. Fonofili has been in Well Child Nursing for more than 17 years, and as Team Leader she coordinates Well Child Services and also delivers them. Her role involves educating and supporting parents by providing health information to help improves their knowledge and skills so they can respond to their children’s needs at different stages of development. It also involves providing reassurance for parents that their children are developing normally through growth and developmental assessment, and providing care and support to help parents identify their children’s needs while caring for them. 


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